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Open Office 3.0.0 released

Yesterday, Sun released Open Office 3.0.0:

Download (click)
If their main server is overloaded, use the official Czech mirror that only offers the English versions of the software. I recommend you the full version for your operating system "wJRE".

Especially those readers who don't have Microsoft Office installed on their computer should download the 142-MB file and install this free alternative. Their names for the alternatives of Microsoft and similar products are:
  • Writer (Word)
  • Impress (PowerPoint)
  • Calc (Excel)
  • Math (Microsoft Equation Editor)
  • Base (Microsoft Access)
  • Draw (Corel Draw)

The picture above - click to zoom in - is an example showing that PowerPoint files are compatible with OOO 3.0.0. Excel and Word seem to work well, too (up to some layout issues with very big fonts).

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