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RSS, UAH: September was 0.1 °C warmer

Update: GISTEMP indicates that September 2008 - with the anomaly of 0.49 °C - was 0.01 °C cooler than August 2008. HadCRUT3 says the same thing: September 2008 was the coldest September in this century so far.
RSS MSU and UAH MSU have released their September data about the temperature.
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According to RSS, the month with its 0.211 °C anomaly was 0.07 °C warmer than the previous month. UAH, with a 0.16 °C anomaly, makes it 0.17 °C warmer. Let's focus on RSS. Despite the month-on-month warming, September 2008 was the coolest September in this century so far. The running average of the last 12 months, 0.047 °C according to UAH, was also the coolest one for all months in this century so far.

Many places such as Ireland have witnessed the coldest September in 14 years.

Incidentally, the Sun still seems pretty inactive which is why NASA has shifted the beginning of Solar Cycle 24 into the future again.

ENSO-neutral conditions persist in the Pacific Ocean although the circulation patterns are still closer to a La Nina, according to the weakly status.

A weak tropical storm, Marco, sits above the Eastern coast of Mexico and will evaporate very soon. The Arctic sea ice area is 2 million sq. km below the normal for this season which is still 0.5 million sq. km more than a year ago. The Antarctic sea ice area is at 14.5 million sq. km, near the normal figure of 15 million sq. km for early October but less than a year ago when the anomaly was highly positive.

See the satellite reports for August 2008, a month ago.

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