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Sarkozy about the Czech EU presidency

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Nicolas Sarkozy has made some funny comments that he would like to extend his presidency over the EU to 2009, overshadowing the presidency of Czechia and Sweden in H1 and H2 of 2009, respectively, and erasing pretty much all rules and agreements of the EU at the same moment. The gummi politicians are making fun out of this story.

Note that this show confirms the viewpoint (or stereotype) that the French are usually unable to distinguish any pair of countries on the East of France. This inability has led them to invent the term "Bohemian" describing a gipsy-like lifestyle of free-minded artists. In the 19th century, they used the word for the Czech Kingdom because they apparently believed that Czechia was the homeland to the gipsies. Well, not quite! ;-) Truth to be said, the Czechs also have the tendency to "intuitively" think that either Hungary or Slovakia or Romania must be the ultimate homeland(s) of the gipsies. :-)

But Columbus also thought that Native Americans had to be Indians so the mistake is not so embarrassing, after all.

Sarkozy (left): Europe needs a powerful, tall, and strong leader like me, not someone like the Czech PM Topolánek (right) :-). More seriously, Topolánek is about 190 cm tall, so these pictures are bound to look funny unless they are doctored.

Incidentally, Topolánek is a rock music fan and has a skillful finger and a pretty hard fist when protecting his son, Nicolas, against the papparazzis. He's also good in dancing with the gipsies but be sure that he still enjoys your humble correspondent's approval.

In the mid 1990s, Dr Vladimír Železný, the director of TV NOVA, the top Eastern European commercial TV station, imported the gummi political TV show into Czechia: see e.g. the hitparade Gumeso (Gummi Ace) featuring Klaus and many other top politicians from the mid 1990s. It was a lot of fun.

Too bad that Dr Železný has been kicked out of his own TV by a Mr Ronald Lauder, a mollycoddled boy from a rich family. The degree of creativity of TV NOVA has measurably decreased.


On Friday, Topolánek and Sarkozy met in Paris and Sarkozy surrendered: he will graciously allow the Czech Republic to take over the EU. Thank God. ;-)

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