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AlJazeera's PC nonsense about Czech gypsy kids

AlJazeera is apparently the ultimate prototype of a TV station brainwashing its audiences with absurd PC propaganda. No surprise that it is a favorite station of the terrorists and the far left.

You know, I've spent my childhood in the neighborhood of Pilsen that was most densely populated by gypsies, Roudná. So I have quite some experience with these issues. My interactions with the gypsy kids were numerous and I even had a gypsy classmate in the first grade who made it into the normal school (yes, barely, but she wasn't an evil girl in any sense).

I assure you that generic gypsy children simply can't be in the same classroom with the generic white children unless your goal is to make the whole classroom dysfunctional and bring as much constant embarrassment and inferiority complex to the gypsy kids as you can.

Whether the ultimate reason behind the differences is just the pre-school education in the families or centuries of a different life imprinted in the genes, the gypsy IQ ends up at 80 or less - Rushton et al. only obtained about 70 - with the standard deviation only around 10; these numbers are just slightly above the numbers describing sub-Saharan Africa.

Completely off-topic, applied black holes: some people think that black holes are purely theoretical objects. But you can check that they can be used by tired greedy bureaucrats, too. Hat tip: Rae Ann

Note that the generic population has IQ around 100 with the standard deviation equal to 15.

These different numbers simply imply different outcomes in the classroom which is why something that looks very much like racial segregation is an inevitable consequence. Even with the optimistic "80" estimate, if you know the normal distribution, you may see that only 2.5% of the gypsies will have IQ above 100, i.e. above the general population's average (because it is plus two standard deviations) and only 0.003% (about 9 individuals in the Czech Republic) will exceed 120 - very decent university level.

It shouldn't shock you that 75% of gypsy kids end up in the special schools (and the unemployment rate will be around 70%, too).

You know, countries that have a few gypsies may pretend that there is no difference because only a few classrooms are affected and the teachers are effectively forced to be silent by the political correctness. But in the Czech Republic, gypsies make about 3% of the population which is enough for people to know something. Pretty much everyone has some experience with these issues; there is not much room for myths.

AlJazeera's proclamation that it's the white population who is responsible for the typical gypsy kids' inability to make it into normal schools in this real world is simply an ugly accusation. The Czech citizens are not responsible for the laws of Nature whether we or you like them or not.

As the program correctly says, most classrooms in the special schools are literally dominated by gypsy students (60-90 percent), especially the higher grades. So if these students were equally talented as the pupils in the average normal schools, these classrooms could inevitably reach the same level as the classrooms in normal schools. Be sure, they don't.

Whether the reasons are purely genetic or whether the education of very young gypsy kids in their families is to be blamed is pretty much inconsequential. What matters is that these are differences that simply cannot be changed abruptly by a wishful thinking.

AlJazeera's shallow report completely denies the complexity of these problems and looks at everything from a very naive black-and-white perspective (where black means the white). Only when they show me another nation with at least 300,000 ethnic gypsies whose average living standards, employment rate, and education matches the fully civilized world, I will be ready to listen to their thinking.

The differences escalate when the pupils become teenagers. The teachers and principals of the special schools routinely talk about a constant contact with police: they are not bored. Of course that these robberies and similar crimes partly occur because the kids come from poorer families and they would like to own certain things as well.

But the differences between normal and special schools are much greater than what can be explained by that and even very peaceful kids in these schools have big problems with simple things. Add heroin, vulgar speech beginning with fifth-graders. read e.g. this automatically translated article.

The teachers who teach there must be thanked for their effort that sometimes seems to lead to no fruits.

What I find surprising about this report is that they haven't even contacted anyone responsible for these issues in the Czech Republic - not even Ms Džamila Stehlíková, MD, the Czech minister for minorities and human rights (who was born in Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan, and who is an example of an excessively PC person in the Czech politics).

On the same day when AlJazeera was airing this piece, participants of a clash of two gypsy clans were sentenced. One of them abducted a 15-year-old gypsy girl, Miss Mercedes Lakatošová. What a name, by the way. On Monday, a 14-year-old girl was raped and murdered in Hungary. As it turned out that the murderer was almost certainly a member of a gypsy gang, a large anti-gypsy-violence demonstration occurred on Friday.

These gypsy issues are being constantly lied about in the Western media. For example, yesterday, the Czech Consul General in Toronto complained to The Star, a Canadian paper, for its untrue description of a demonstration involving gypsies.

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