Saturday, November 22, 2008

Are G20 leaders double-faced hypocritical opportunists?

Much like socialist physicist Tommaso Dorigo, I am appalled by this video.

Those twenty G20 leaders have exchanged almost 20 x 19 / 2 x 1 = 190 handshakes except that 19 of them were missing. Not only Gordon Brown, Angela Merkel, and other people of this category, but even Silvio Berlusconi decided to pretend that they didn't see George W. Bush.

If someone can't see the difference of their behavior from what it looked like a few months or years ago, he or she must be blind. And if someone doesn't realize that the difference shows that these politicians only behave nicely to others if they can personally benefit out of it, must be completely stupid. And whoever thinks that such a behavior is morally acceptable is an immoral jerk.

You know, this is a theme that has been intensely discussed - and lived - in Czechoslovakia since the totalitarian era. Many people used to be trucklers, licking the buttocks of the communist party (or even the Nazis). Later, many of them were proudly dismissing the communists, when these communists were no longer useful for their careers. I am sorry but my stomach is simply not strong enough to keep these feelings inside, so I must conclude with this punch line:

Unless there exists a strict and bizarre rule in the protocol that I am missing, Ms Merkel, you seem to be an immoral female dog, and the rest of the group should be deeply ashamed, too. You know, I am not surprised by the attitude of Gordon Brown or José Manuel Barroso. But seeing Silvio Berlusconi in the same group is deeply disappointing.

Another CNN video, based on the White House's spokespeople, argues that Bush didn't shake other people's hands in the video above because he had already done it in the morning, while other pairs of politicians hadn't have the opportunity. I remain mostly unconvinced by this interpretation. I don't believe it is a strict condition for hand shakes not to repeat themselves. And regardless of the previous hand shakes, these other politicians simply helped Bush to look bad and feel lonely.

Seeing that the encounters in "pairs" looked more cordial than the group behavior doesn't satisfy me. The difference is the key part of my very bad impression from the politicians' behavior.

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