Saturday, December 20, 2008

Czech American keyboard

If you essentially prefer the U.S. keyboard but you still need all the Czech characters with diacritical signs, you are recommended
Czech LUMO keyboard (old version)
for Windows. Download the ZIP file above, unpack it, and run setup.exe – which is the same thing as if you run the layout01 for i386 installation package (or the corresponding files for 64-bit systems based on Intel or AMD: setup.exe chooses the right microprocessor). It will add the "Czech LUMO" keyboard as an additional choice for the Czech language.

Whenever possible, all the special characters are arranged just like on the U.S. keyboard.

However, all the special Czech characters that don't exist on the U.S. keyboard (+ěščřžýáíé úů) appear at the expected locations. AltGr restores English keys whenever they are superseded by Czech characters. For special accents, try the "equals" key (čárka, acute), "shift/equals" key (háček), and "backslash" key (umlautung). Try various combinations to learn the rest.

Czech keywords: Čechoamerická klávesnice pro systém Microsoft Windows.

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