Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feynman: The reason for antiparticles

1986 Dirac memorial lectures:
Playlist (click for 7x 10 minutes)
In the first video, Richard Feynman begins his talk at 4:00.

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  1. i think that the antimatter doesn't exist in the universe,and the antiparticles are inversions and transpositions of positive spacetime into negative spacetime and viceversa given by lorentz's transformations.the antiparticles are mathematically generated by pt symmetry breaking that determine the metrics of spacetime continuos associated the vibrations of quantum vaccum-it is frequency only one for each particles,it is the energy-then each spacetime is calculated by the tiny of vibrations of each "vortice" or best tiny of strings that implies in the existences of others continuities of spacetimes,that are n-harmonics of original vibrations into of infinity spectrun of vibrartions.the antiparticles are symmetries of spacetime
    to renormslization of PT through CPT,doing appear the speed of light as constant and limit as spacetime continuos(c',c''..................c,infinity).then appear the antiparticles are derived of violation of pt,generated by the asymmetry of space and time-that is derived by the proprtionaly of trtansformations of energy into mass and viceversa with the increasing of velocity-it is

    non linear.