Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Joe Polchinski: String Theory: problem solutions


Matt Headrick has finally released his old solutions to the problems in "String Theory" by Joe Polchinski:
A solution manual for Polchinski's "String Theory" (PDF)
It's 114 pages of rather impressive stuff. Lazy students no longer have to torture their branes ;-) and parroting and plagiarizing will be enough - but it's not Matt's fault!


  1. i think that simon donaldson is one of the greatest
    pure mathematician that generate physical properties by the mathematics structures-topological geometry and algebrical geometics,through gauge theories and quantic theory;
    the 4-dimensiona spacetimel manifolds generate all the forces,particles,fields and physical metrics.

  2. simon donaldson,s hawking,and r penrose could to win the physics nobel prize

  3. some 4-dimensional spacetime manifolds are not totally
    non-smooth,with different topologies,where these structures are quasi-particles.the connections of space and time in spacetime continuos permit non-smooth structures,that is time,that modify the metrics of the curvatures of space as the gravity.

  4. simon donaldson founded the 4-dimensional manifold

    of the einstennian spacetime continuum.being that that
    exotics structures of 4-dimensions manifolds are the connections of space and time in spacetime continuos.being the metrics not totally smooths-that is the time.