Friday, December 12, 2008

Klaus: Climate issues are silly luxury good

Czech president hits at EU climate deal

PRAGUE, Dec 12 (AFP) - Czech President Václav Klaus hit out at the EU climate [20-20-2020-20-20] deal concluded Friday and described global climate issues as "a silly luxury."

"I do not like the way they forced it", Klaus said shortly after an agreement was announced in Brussels.

He also claimed that his French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy had "pushed" the deal so that it would not be left when the Czech Republic takes over the EU presidency from France on January 1.

"This is scandalous," he said. "We should have been able to discuss it during our presidency, to force it now is not very good."

"Environmental issues are a luxury good," Klaus added. "Now we have to tighten our belt and to cut the luxury."
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Global climate issues "are a silly luxury good," he repeated.

Czech environmentalists had expressed fears that an EU agreement on how to tackle global warming would never have been concluded during the six-month Czech presidency of the bloc because of Klaus's views.

But Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vondra said this week that Klaus's opinions were not shared by the government and would not alter EU developments.

"It is a question of ideology: one believes more, one believes less... there are some commitments which we have agreed to in 2007 and nobody would seek to change that," he said.

By the way, President Klaus also criticized the attempts of the EU to revise the rules about the composition of the European Commissions until 2014 to attract the Irish voters: the ratifications in the other countries would become invalid and would have to start from the scratch if the treaty were modified in this way.


  1. France, being mostly nuclear, benefits while other countries dependent on fossil fuels for electricity pay. Follow the money.

  2. That's of course an important driving force behind various people's activity. At least, Czechia is pretty neutral in this, with post-1990 CO2 reductions being huge and the nuclear energy being 1/3 of the energy production, to be raised above 1/2 in a decade. Best, Lubos

  3. Could Klaus please please come to Kalyfornia and slap Arnold around a bit?

    The Kalyfornia Air Resources Gestapo… I mean board, just passed sweeping new regulations to stop climate change.

    “The Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) is the first statewide effort to cap greenhouse gas emissions. It sets a firm cap requiring the state to cut its emissions to 1990 levels by the year 2020 (about 30 percent below business as usual).

    Been tried - Kyoto - failed. Good luck with that.

    My climate change prediction - The economic climate in California will grow extensively worse as businesses and many wealth individuals not tied to the film industry continue to move to more economic friendly states such as Arizona, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Meanwhile, the already struggling independent trucking industry will experience an implosion with more and more indies getting out of the business (and moving into employment by the ever expanding state prison system, and goods will then be hauled around by gross polluting Mexican trucks that drive right through the gaping loopholes of the environmental reg’s, courtesy of NAFTA….

    I could go on, but I have work to do.

    PS, yes I also posted this at Watts Up...

  4. Thanks Lubos for keeping up this excellent site.

    Is there anything that the skeptic community can do to help Klaus spread correct information?