Sunday, December 28, 2008

Windows Movie Maker: unspecified error

I couldn't run Movie Maker 2.1. It immediately gave me an "Unspecified Error" popup message. Movie Maker 2.6 behaved in the same way. I learned that it worked fine for other users.

It turned out that the temporary directory got wrong read-only file permissions - who knows why.

A fix: Go to Start / Accessories / Command Prompt, right-click this program, Run [it] as administrator. Get to your user directory and change the attributes by the attrib command:
cd c:\users\lubos\appdata\local
attrib -r +a -s -h Temp
The path is designed for Vista: replace "lubos" by your user name. For XP, "Users" becomes "Documents and Settings" while "Local" becomes "Local Settings". If the tip works for you, leave a comment here.


  1. hi... can u teach me how to do it...
    my windows player have some files are missing... n d movie maker -- unspecified error... email me please... thanks....

  2. Worked great!! I tried and tried to fix it and nothing worked!

  3. what is the meaning of attrb -r +a... in ur post above?I still don't know how to solve the prob...can u explain?

  4. Dear Azmir, attrb is a DOS command. But you didn't even need to know that. I am afraid that if the instructions above are not clear to you, the answer to your question is No. Please ask someone who has already used a computer before to help you.