Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arctic global warming reaches the CSA

A Santa Claus in Indiana

The American South is usually thought to be a hot place. However, Alabama is now colder than Alaska.
Big Chill (AP)
Record cold temperatures (Google News)
In Central Europe, we've had temperatures around -15 °C or 0 °F for weeks and it is fair that those folks in the U.S. South taste it, too. Meanwhile, we expect a dramatically warmer end of January - around the freezing point. Time to find the swimming suits again. ;-)

OK, not quite swimming suits but the Minnesotan global warming anthem is pretty apt now again. See also Imagine there's no global warming by John Lennon. ;-) These days, when you say Minnesota, I imagine these jolly guys whose smile always survives the freezing weather in similar songs. But a decade ago, I had completely different things in mind.

In 1999, my friend, mathematician Petr Čížek, invited me to a journey across the Midwest etc. which I didn't attend because of looming qualifiers at Rutgers. In Minnesota, his Russian friend, a lively girl, borrowed the steering wheel and tried to drive on a road under construction which is fine because you could go in the left lane as there is no traffic there.

Well, except for a truck that instantly killed the two (and other two students from the car spent months in hospital).

For an electric car, Cadillac Converj Concept looks pretty hot and aggressive.

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