Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best European Blog: a victory

Well, a winner (click the logo)...

Thank you very much for your votes in the poll that was choosing the best European blog. Out of 6,200 votes, we received almost 34% of votes, defeating nine competitors.

Additional thanks to Eduardo who nominated TRF in this category.

Our continental neighbors in the Asian category saw some adjustments of the votes which have actually changed the winner but Europe is more honest and our lead was more substantial. So there were no changes made to our score and No Pasaran picked the silver medal for its 21% of votes.

This is primarily a success of the TRF community and readers like you. Thank you again. I don't like awards but it is somewhat pleasant not to feel hunted all the time. :-)

Equally happily, in the best science blog category, Anthony Watts' climatological skeptical blog won with 38% of votes, ahead of a self-described ejaculating liberal biologist, Pharyngula P.Z. Myers with 32%, and two 2007 winners, namely Steve McIntyre's Climate Audit with 11% and Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy with 7%.

Congratulations to Anthony's nontrivial victory.

If TRF were running in this category, based on the total number of votes, we would probably end up on the fifth place, ahead of a hysterical blog about imaginary threats paradoxically called RealClimate.ORG :-) and five relatively minor blogs.

Well, I would be slightly happier to have won the science category (and many of you seem to share the sentiment) but on the other hand, I am happier that we have won at least one category.

The scientific category was excessively competitive and Europe is a pretty well-known continent. ;-) At any rate, it may be time to drink some beverage from the bottles that you opened on Tuesday. :-)

Warm congratulations also go to the Small Dead Animals who dominated in the conservative category and Tim Blair who succeeded in the Australian/NZ category!

With a few million votes, weblogawards is the largest blog popularity contest in the world. But if you asked me whether I interpret the result as a proof that TRF is the greatest website in Europe, my answer would surely be No. Sorry.

Old bonus: New Year Address (written on Jan 5th)

By the way, you may watch a peaceful Czech president Václav Klaus' New Year Address with a direct translation to (Cz)English by your humble correspondent.

If you want to see a left-wing ideological blog that was amusingly irritated by the fact that so many categories were won by conservatives and climate skeptics, see Huibsblog.


  1. Ok, mr smart. Now that I've voted you, could you please get hold of your blog and redesign it so at least it could be readable? You apparently dislike Real Climate and Pharyngula, but at least my eyes don't hurt when I read their blogs.


    And PS, to one that constantly demands freedom and all, why the moderation? Too many trolls?

  2. Dr Motl,
    I personally think yours is the best science blog around. I don't rate Pharyngula very high, I think it is more of a collection of ramblings that make no sense to me most of the time. Only once in a while does P Z Myers write something good about biology.
    Anthony Watts' page is cool, but again I regard it as more of a news resource with analysis than a science blog.
    Though because of my inherently sissy nature, I sometimes get nauseated by your attacks on people. However I think yours in BY FAR the best science blog around. Almost every post that is on some idea and has some explanation is worth quite a lot, a number of posts are priceless as opposed to "science" blogs like the ones I mentioned. I don't intend to degrade them, but this is what I really think.
    Also I think you should pay attention to the suggestion above, a lot of people would be affected by that. I think you should make changes and make it look neater.

    Just a suggestion.

    - S