Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cosmology of F-theory GUTs

Dmitry Podolsky has brought my attention to a semi-popular explanation of cosmology in the F-theoretical grand unified models by Jonathan Heckman,
Cosmology of F-theory GUTs,
who is one of the young big shots working on this bottom-up phenomenology with Cumrun Vafa. The model is very predictive and quite a lot of these predictions seem to make sense.

I said that Jonathan's blog treatment was "semi-popular" but it is addressed to a broader family of experts.


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  1. I enjoyed the notes on cosmology and wish to suggest that you may like the accurate CRQT mathematical function basis for the grand unified theory of matter and energy with the wavefunction of our universe, the U (4). This model integrates relativity into the quantum wave equations by series differential analysis for particles.
    A look at the Clough Relative Quantum Topodynamics function network gives infotools that diagram an atom, with all of it's fields and waves, in 3D, animated, picoyoctometric detail. The topology of the h-bar and other data images are visible at .