Saturday, January 31, 2009

Davos: Klaus met Gore for 2 hours

In Davos, Czech president Václav Klaus met Al Gore for two hours.
National Review, AFP
It was a friendlier encounter than the differences would suggest. Klaus summarized it by saying that there is no global warming, that he (Klaus) is the most important denier in the world (alarmists may call me Dr Victor Frankenstein for the win) :-), and that Al Gore is a key figure of a movement trying to suppress freedom. Environmentalists don't listen to the other side while Klaus does.

Also, Klaus is more afraid of the regulation that will be justified by the current crisis than the crisis itself. President Klaus also met with Shimon Peres (Klaus' favorite Israeli politician) today, discussing the Middle East issues.

The Gore effect is working in Davos, too. The current temperature, -12 °C, matches the recent record cold reading from January 31st, 2003.

A windstorm

By the way, there is one more entertaining story about Klaus. You know that it's politically incorrect to exclusively use female names for hurricanes and windstorms. It's politically incorrect despite the fact that a woman is like a hurricane: when it arrives, it is a pleasant and warm humid wind. When it leaves, it takes cars and houses with it.

One week ago, the European meteorologists had a great idea how to call the windstorm that was underway in France and Spain: Klaus. It killed about 20 people and will cost the insurance industry half a billion euro or so.

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