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The Friendship Algorithm

Episode 2x13 of The Big Bang Theory:

Watch at YouKu (click the right lower corner of the video rectangle for full screen)
Sheldon develops a scientific procedure for making friends. ;-) Well, it's a bizarre episode but it's also fun.

Reid has pointed out that Natalie Angier of the New York Times wrote another ideological article about women in science, pretending that it is "baffling" why women's percentage in maths and physics doesn't seem to increase.

She also quotes some other zealous feminists who said that "diversity is a form of excellence". Oh, really? I thought that diversity is, by its very definition, a form of mediocrity and averageness because "diversity" is meant to reproduce the distributions of the average society.

Finally, she expects Obama to promote her feminist values. Well, I might be an uncurable optimist but I don't see any evidence that Obama agrees with those obnoxious frigid women more than he agrees with me.

Sitcoms and "stereotypes"

It makes sense to mention this particular feminist article because she also blames The Big Bang Theory for the "stereotype" of having geeky chaps and a blonde attractive young woman. Well, realism is a major reason why I like TBBT so much.

Everyone who has ever lived in similar circles must know that this kind of geekiness, as described in TBBT, is almost entirely a male feature. It is not 100% male - and in fact, TBBT also gave us Leslie (and, to a lesser extent, Ramona and Stephanie) - but the distribution of various types of character and geekiness among men and women is just extremely accurate in the sitcom.

Obama's inauguration speech... You may discuss related issues in this thread, too. Obama has thanked George Bush, much like President Klaus (and your humble correspondent) has, and is hopefully transforming from an ally of DailyKos and similar extreme trash to a decent centrist U.S. president.

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