Saturday, January 17, 2009

Google Chrome 5.0

I believe that only since the arrival of the 2.0 version, Google Chrome has become the best Internet browser on the market.
Download Google Chrome 5.0.396.0 or later (dev channel, May 2010 or later)
If you can't upgrade your Chrome to the "hot" dev channel (with most frequent, weekly updates), download and run the Chrome Channel Changer.

Generally, Chrome is extremely fast. What I love are the configurable search engines. For example, when press ALT/D and write the generalized URLs like
or many others, I automatically obtain the corresponding searches at,,, SPIRES, Pilsner public transportation (line 30),, and dozens of others. It's very convenient. Right-click the address bar with the URL to modify the search engines. The tabs that can be consolidated, split, or permuted easily are also pleasant.

Click to magnify the screenshot.

The new pre-beta version 2.0 seems to be working perfectly and it has several new features, including
  • autofill i.e. form autocomplete: finally! The absence of this standard feature of modern browsers was the main reason why I previously couldn't quite say that Chrome was a fully ready-to-use software
  • feed reader: the RSS and Atom feeds display a bit more sensibly than the bare text sequences before

  • zoom pages: with ctrl/wheel (or +/-) and ctrl/0 to reset: everything zooms properly and it looks very smooth
  • multiple profiles: switch in between them by CTRL/M
  • full screen: since, with "F11" key
  • user scripts enabled: if you add the parameter --enable-user-scripts
See also release notes for 156.1 (plus 157.0, 157.2, 158.0, 159.0, and newer additions). Once you install the new version, the old Chrome profiles seem to be imported properly.

Windows Live Essentials

When you're already downloading, you may also be interested in
Windows Live Essentials
that will be distributed separately from the operating system, starting from Windows 7. The package includes the newest 2009 version of Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Writer, Photo Gallery, Toolbar, Movie Maker Beta etc., or any subset of them. It takes some time to install.


  1. If you liked those features in Chrome also give Opera a try.

    I use them both, but Opera is still my main browser because of stability and maturity.

  2. I have found the version of 2.0 that google currently has up, to have some bad hickups with blooger. Be careful ... It is beta software.

    I like chrome, but not ready yet...

  3. I unfortunately experience the same bugs with the 159 version: one can't list all the postings in the blogger (press "[select] all" to see them), one can't unroll the comments waiting for moderation (was wrong in previous 2.0 versions, too), sometimes the preview crashes the browser window, and so forth. I can still survive with it, running firefox for some special tasks - like moderating your comment. ;-)

  4. All the major problems with have been fixed, certainly at 164.0 that I offer today.

    The only remaining bug here is that I can't unroll the "triangles" for a fast preview, often needed for moderation. But otherwise it works fine.

    164.0 has some known issues, including a wrong directory for saving HTML pages; empty inspector of pages etc. But people usually don't use them, so they shouldn't stop you from using the web browser.

    In 99% of the time, it is doing everything it should, and it is doing so better.

  5. Since, the Blogger previews are expandable in Chrome, too. has surely no visible incompatibility with

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