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Flynn: my effect went into reverse in the U.K.

Great Britain has given the world many precious gifts, including mechanics, modern electromagnetism, and evolutionary biology. As a colonial superpower, this country of dry humor and higher classes has transformed many of its former colonies into lands of current or future prosperity.

But in the recent years, we have seen many warning signs. See e.g.

U.K. universities hate pure science and love political science
Physics fades from U.K. classrooms
James Flynn (New Zealand), one of the most leading IQ experts in the world, has found evidence that the intelligence as measured by the IQ tests is generally increasing from generation to generation. The reasons behind this Flynn effect have remained controversial.

However, Steve Sailer just informed us about a new study by James Flynn that indicates that the Flynn effect has changed its direction in Great Britain.
The Telegraph
The IQ of 14-year-old British teenagers that was measured by Raven's progressive matrices dropped by 2 points since 1980. Among the upper half of the scale, the results were much more staggering: the IQ dropped by 6 points from where it was in 1980.

The article explains that the teenagers' culture has probably dumbed down. Flynn himself believes that the upper class that dominates the upper portion of the IQ scale has been contaminated by the lower, "rebellious" peer culture of the lower classes.

The results indicate that the positive Flynn effect couldn't have been fully explained by improving nutrition, as some people have suggested, because the nutrition kept on improving since 1980. In previous but recent studies, marijuana was blamed for 4 negative points while text messaging and e-mail even for 10 negative points.

At any rate, 6 points is simply a huge drop, exceeding the male-female difference of the IQ central values and approaching 1/2 of the white-black IQ difference.

It is certainly "real" - in extensive enough tests, all the individual idiosyncrasies will simply get averaged away - and it tells us something important. Five drops like that (in 150 years?) could bring the U.K. society to the level of sub-Saharan Africa whose average IQ around 70 can be classified as feeble-mindedness.

Again, the standard question is whether the 28-year drop of the IQ figures has biological or social roots. Well, I guess that the primary reasons, whatever they are, may have already been imprinted into the genes because the upper classes have been under huge pressure. As you might expect, I blame political correctness for these developments. The replacement of hard sciences by the soft pseudointellectual crap - like the chicken little alarmism that was also born in the U.K., we can say - is just one manifestation among many. Well, Newton, Maxwell, Darwin, or Churchill have been replaced by Gavin Schmidt and similar Sch*idt.

The developments are about the "postmodern" forces trying to adjust the society so that it is most comfortable for the lowest classes (and uncomfortable for the successful or upper groups). In other words, inverse natural selection has taken over so you shouldn't be surprised that it has led to the inverse Flynn effect and the degeneration of the British elite, too. If Great Britain doesn't stop this politically correct decay, it may indeed end up as a third-world country on the global maps in a century.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader 10ksnooker said...

Dumber people are easier to shuttle off to the gulags, one of the lessons of the Soviet Union.

reader Kassandra Troy said...

There's a marked difference in objective A thinking and subjective B (postmodern) thinking. A thinking is active, the mind explores the universe and digests the data through cognition. Passive B thinking as pushed by postmoderns explores the mind itself while outside stimuli press themselves on the mind rather like a footprint in the sand. The use of drugs greatly enhances the passive form of 'thinking' which is much more like an emotional experience than anything else. As they say, use it or lose it.

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