Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Haaretz about Nir Shaviv

On Saturday, Haaretz.COM printed a pretty inspiring story about Nir Shaviv. The article offers you anecdotes about his scientific family, science-loaded childhood, and the present - e.g. that the librarians often ask Prof Shaviv to show his student ID (I've experienced similar things haha).

But the text is primarily about cosmoclimatology and its sociology. Recall that the cosmic rays help to create clouds and cool the atmosphere.

When they - Nir Shaviv and Ján Veizer - realized that 450 million years ago, when the CO2 concentrations were much much higher than today, the Earth was colder than today, there existed all kinds of pressures to get rid of the result. But when their cosmic ray graphs at this time scale matched the reconstructed temperature, the situation changed.

Without quoting his name, Shaviv mentions the cruel attacks by a nasty German eco-Nazi called Stefan Rahmstorf that they had to face for a while. When Shaviv decided to reply to hostile press releases by Rahmstorf, the German greenshirt threatened to sue Shaviv for copyright violation. These activists always tend to act in this immoral way. They don't consider the standard mechanisms of science to be "fair" enough, i.e. green enough.

By the way, despite all the huge pro-greenhouse bias in the journals and elsewhere, the Shaviv-Veizer paper has 91 citations right now, while the almost immediate alarmist reply by 11 authors, including RealClimate's Rahmstorf, Archer, and Schmidt, only has 24 citations.

Shaviv says that no experimental fingerprints of the CO2's influence on the temperature have been seen yet. The global warming activism will fade away, much like the Y2K hysteria did, and he considers man - e.g. nuclear-equipped terrorists - to be the greatest threat facing humanity.

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