Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama's socialism: USSA?

Two days ago, Newsweek wrote that "We Are All Socialists Now" in the title and mentioned that "Barack Obama sounds more like the president of France every day". The new recovery package looks like a Nationalization Act, especially if you notice that salaries are going to be capped and many other things will be centrally controlled.

Google News contains 4,000 hits with the words Obama and socialism. Add one million hits at Blog Search.

See also Glenn Beck's Comrade Update (funny) and a FoxNews discussion. While Glenn Beck's Russian texts on the screen, accompanied by the Soviet anthem, look almost flawless, Vladimir Putin is ironically warning the U.S. against "excessive interventions and blind faith in the state's omnipotence".

That's how the world is strangely changing. Do you remember that the GOP and the Democrat Party used to be essentially switched, too?

What do you think? Is the USA going to become the USSA?


  1. That's all wishful thinking. With the numbers of anarchists they have, the US will never be able to build a solid welfare state like we have here in Europe.

  2. Going to? FDA checks food and medicines before it decides whether you may buy it. SBA helps new businesses by providing free business education and issuing loans. AMTRAK helps you to get from one place to another by railway. The government decides what natural resources may be used and controls the environment restoration process. The government runs thousands of scientific organizations, including the monsters like NSF and NASA. The government decides who may come to the USA from abroad and who cannot. The government preserves the culture of the national minorities. The government guarantees that your parcels will not be thrown away by a postman who's gone postal. The government saves citizens when tornado strikes. They even run the USGS and met stations to warn people in advance. Have you seen the list of the US government agencies? Russia looks like Ayn Rand's paradise compared to the USA :)