Saturday, March 07, 2009

CodeCogs: LaTeX equation editor

The HTML sequence embedding similar pretty pictures with mathematical equations can be easily and fully created in the following LaTeX/WYSIWYG system: LaTeX equation editor (click)
The implementation is similar to mimeTeX or the Wordpress system - a GIF file with an argument being a LaTeX sequence:

Let me write the same thing in MathJax:
\[ \int_0^\infty\frac{x}{\sqrt{1-x^2}}\gamma \,dx\in\mathbb{R} \] But CodeCogs seems much better because it has a nice user interface that allows you to create tables in a simple way, change colors, font size, choose displayed formulae, and so on.

Don't get me wrong. At this moment, I don't plan to use similar things too often because it still seems to be a lot of work - and a threat to a future readability of the web pages.

But I think that for online universal LaTeX equations, CodeCogs is better than Zoho, Techexplorer (needing special plugins), LaTeXmathML.js (needing a large Javascript that only runs when the page is fully loaded), LaTeXrender, and other systems.

Update: MathJax

In 2011, I switched this blog to MathJax, a LaTeX platform that turned out much more viable than all the alternatives above.

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