Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Cushion Saturation

Episode 2x16 of The Big Bang Theory:
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A paintball game ignites another Penny-Sheldon fight as well as Howard's romance with the loop quantum gravity woman, Leslie Winkle. Both themes seem to saturate a cushion. :-)

Sheldon fails to be generous - he was surely not created to your humble correspondent's image in this episode - while Leslie is very horny. ;-)

Despite Sheldon's failures, if you want his actor, Jim Parsons, to be nominated for Emmy, try to help Alynda Wheat.

Cross-country skiing

Apologies for another one-day break - caused by cross-country skiing around Hilly Moaning Matilda (Czech: Horská kvilda, map), Bohemian Forest (Czech: Šumava), the classic Czech mountains near the German border.

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