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Heartland ICCC conference II

This Heartland conference is very interesting and there are many friends and soulmates over there but I won't cover it because I don't have access to any information that would significantly exceed what you can read elsewhere, e.g. in
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I especially recommend you Richard Lindzen's speech but let me include a video with Václav Klaus:

RSS: cooling, UAH: warming
(Thanks to Werdna for the fix!)

The satellite teams have released their February 2009 data and they are very far from an agreement.

RSS MSU shows February as 0.09 °C cooler than January: the anomaly went from 0.322 °C to 0.230 °C. On the other hand, UAH MSU thinks that February was 0.06 °C warmer than January, having gone from 0.30 °C to 0.36 °C.

Although they're skeptics, UAH are the only ones who report month-on-month warming. GISS says that there was a 0.1 °C cooling, from 0.51 to 0.41 °C, while the HadCRUT3 cooling was by 0.03 °C.

This means that the difference between these two teams' month-on-month change is a stunning 0.15 °C. Four months of mundane errors and inaccuracies would be enough to erase or add 0.6 °C to the temperature increase.

In other words, the overhyped 0.6 °C of global warming in the last 100 years could be explained by 4 months of accumulated errors - and believe me, the measurements were less accurate and global, not more accurate and global, 100 years ago than they are today.

Sea ice area

If you wonder why you didn't read about the sea ice area too much recently, it's because the global anomaly is almost exactly zero: there's as much ice as during the average beginning of March on record.

At the beginning of March, the Southern Hemisphere anomaly was 0.3 million sq. kilometers (more ice than usual) while the Northern Hemisphere anomaly was -0.4 million sq. kilometers (less than normally). The world's ice shows no global warming, either.

La Nina

According to the weekly report, La Nina should disappear within a month or so. However, the daily maps show a slight intensification of the "Panaman La Nina". It is pretty usual for a strong anomaly to propagate from the East to the West (near the equator only) so the picture could actually indicate a pretty strong new La Nina in the pipeline.

Climate realist from Huffington Post

Ross McK. has sent me a link to a pleasing video with Harold Ambler, the brave author of Mr Gore, Apology Accepted, a skeptical essay about the climate that managed to be published on the well-known liberal blog two months ago and to deeply offend various DeSmogBlog types.

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