Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kids, try to be a splurging Wendy

Inspired by the econuts and their Don't Be a Wasteful Wendy in which the kids are asked to get rid of the villain Mr Carbon ;-), TRF is going to promote another classic icon.

Click the image for an article about the hamburger culture and mythology.

That's her, the real girl behind the Wendy's cartoon. She is Melinda Lou "Wendy" Morse (*1961), the daughter of Dave Thomas, the founder of the company (he died in 2002).

In the 1970s, she couldn't pronounce her name so her father decided to create a food chain with thousands of banners saying "Wendy's" to help her with the pronunciation. :-)

Kids, if you make your parents spend like Wendy's dad, you may help to stop the U.S. and global economic downturn. ;-)

Another topic: click the picture above to see more pictures of the tear-drop memorial, a Russian anti-terrorist monument, a gift to America (located in New York) that the U.S. media failed to report. I wonder why? Hat tip: Gene.

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