Saturday, March 14, 2009

Richard Lindzen's talk in New York

Richard said a few inconvenient things - like his opinion that most of the best atmospheric physicists do endorse the warming alarm (for the sake of convenience) but the reason to respect them is very different than a work on AGW.

Later, he discussed the dynamically awkward nature of positive feedbacks and the scientifically grotesque one-dimensional simplifications of the climate promoted by the AGW movement. As a path to victory over AGW, which he believes has to occur at some point in the future, he recommends mass resignations from various scientific societies.

See the full proceedings of the 2009 Heartland International Conference on Climate Change. There were many talks I really liked. For example, look at John Sununu whom I know from a 2005 debate in Boston.

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  1. Dick also made it clear in an interview that this was 'gathering of skeptics' and NOT a scientific meeting.