Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Use less energy" campaign: Vladimir Putin

Standard Oil of California (1879), renamed to Chevron Corporation in 1984, is doing the most logical thing that a sane petrochemical company should do for itself and its consumers. In a new ads campaign, it's begging you to
use less energy (click)
so that they have lower profits and everyone is happier. The campaign shows a few average-level personalities who promise that they will use less energy, too.

This campaign offers an attractive research material for psychiatrists, or at least psychologists specializing in hypocrisy and opportunism of morally corrupt managers who got completely detached from their business in the name of their fake image in the media and their future career in the industry of any color that may be convenient at the moment.

Fortunately, a prestigious think tank has figured out who should be the next superstar to promote the "use less energy" dictum, a hero who already has some results in these great efforts, unlike everyone else!

Yes, it's Vladimir Putin! :-) He didn't even plan to become the ultimate green messiah but he did! Click the picture for the full CEI article. :-)

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