Monday, March 23, 2009

Wolfram Alpha's primitive competitor

Natural Language Question Answering System
You can try to ask "Why is the sky blue?" and you receive a great answer. Unfortunately, if you ask a related question "Why is the ocean blue?", the system has no idea.

If you ask "Who is Vaclav Klaus?", you obtain some fair data. However, if you ask about a less famous (and more infamous) person, e.g. "Who is Al Gore?", the system only knows about some other people who were called Gore. ;-)

The question "What is the GDP per capita of the Czech Republic?" gives you an OK answer while "How much is 2+2?" leads the system to answer that it is either 22 or 232. :-) Let's hope that Wolfram|Alpha will be wiser.

Hat tip: Olda Klimánek

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