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Barack Obama in Prague

Sunday - the full anti-nuclear speech in Prague:

See also excerpts from the Klaus-Obama military parade, 28 seconds of the bilateral meeting, a minute from the Havel-Obama meeting, EU-US Prague family photo preparations (1 minute), and some more Obama video background from Sunday in Prague.

Back to Saturday, before he arrived. Sorry for the lack of a uniform arrow of time in this text. ;-)

Obama gave a nice present to the British queen, an iPod. Next time, they can play Bump Bump together. Will Klaus receive one, too? Update: Klaus received a bust of Obama's predecessor whose name is not known but I guess it wasn't George W. Bush. The Obamas have received books about the Prague Castle, glass, while Michelle gave Livia a vase.

Everyone noticed that Michelle changed her dress every hour ;-) but almost no one knows that Klaus and Obama conspired to use blue and red ties on Saturday, and they switched them to red and blue on Sunday, in this order.

Global warming - Sunday update:

Klaus said that Obama told him that as he (Obama) speaks to his advisors and other climate change advocates, they seem to have no sense for the economic reality. That sounded like a music from the heavens to Klaus's ears, Klaus said. ;-) The two presidents obviously liked each other.

At the end, it was Havel who made the picture less enthusiastic when he warned Obama against excessive expectations in Obama himself that may transform into a hatred if things go wrong. Havel described Obama as an ordinary citizen who cares about the Earth.
In Strasbourg, Obama invented the Austrian language. If Bush had done the same thing, the media would be full of hateful comments about his stupidity. But no one (except for the Czech media!) cares that Obama has no clue that the Austrians speak German. Things are OK - Barack Obama kissed Angela Merkel's husband, after all. :-)

Today in the afternoon, the second black U.S. president left the aggressive communist mobs in Strasbourg, France, joined his Cadillac One (his second car) that has been here since Thursday, and arrived to Prague, the new capital of peace and capitalism.

BHO landed around 6:32 pm - see a one-minute video, a three-minute video, and 120 pictures with the first Klaus-Obama warm scenes - and went to Prague Hilton.

To protect his life, sharpshooters will have to erase, off the surface of Earth, all citizens of Prague who open their windows by mistake. ;-) Let's check whether they haven't forgotten about the safety of Air Force One: Czech journalists managed to wiretap the Air Force One pilots.

He and the first lady plan to romantically eat some Czech cuisine - perhaps the Candle Sauce or a Duck with Red Cabbage and Potato Loafs - in The Golden Well (pics), a luxurious place under the Prague Castle. An average dinner costs USD 100 here, if you want to join (later). Sunday update: they stayed in Hilton overnight.

So Obama will have neither a dinner with Klaus at the Castle, nor some beer with PM Topolánek, despite their invitations. Just another boring dinner with Michelle - Summer time in Prague. Hillary will have a dinner with Havel.

AHA, Czech newspapers, emphasize that the D Day has arrived: Bimbo Obama is flying to Prague. They explain that BHO got the nickname as a kid, because of his detached ears.

Tomorrow in the morning, he will meet President Klaus and his wife (and maybe caretaker PM Topolánek). Klaus should teach Obama some rudimentary economics and climate science. He may also give a copy of "Blue Planet in Green Shackles" to Obama, so that BHO doesn't have to exclusively rely on his green advising nuts. Later in the day, Obama will meet ex-president Havel, too.

Around 10 a.m., BHO, equipped with his nuclear suitcase and a Barrackberry, will speak on the Hradčany Square - see the picture above and a video with some preparations - about nuclear proliferation (here is the URL with live pictures showing Obama's dreams about the world without nuclear arms).
Update: transcript is here. See the full video (pure English) or the same with a page around it and a 15-second ad or video (3 parts) with Czech translation. The speech seemed extremely good. He managed to incorporate the (failed) fresh North Korean long-range missile attempt into the text. Aside from a general strategy to regulate everything linked to nuclear weapons, he talked about the good-spirited Czechs he knows from Chicago (a city with a strong Czech community), the memories of 1918 when the U.S. helped to create Czechoslovakia, The Velvet Revolution (that he pronounced in fair Czech), and so on. Unfortunately, he also mentioned global warming, suggesting that Klaus's previous 30-minute class was unsuccessful. ;-)

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama impressed her guides and public, and was very happy in Prague, the Castle, and the Jewish Quarter (pics). She plans to return.
Let's hope that in his attempt to resemble Reagan, Obama won't ask Klaus to "tear down this wall" of the Prague Castle. ;-) Afterwards, he will prepare for the EU-U.S. summit in the Congress Palace (known as the Palace of Culture during late socialism).

I don't have immediate plans to meet him. But you may listen to a funny out-of-tune "anthem" to welcome Obama: typical music from the Czech pubs. The translation:

Obama will arrive here.
The whole Prague is upside down.
He will come from the States,
he who is the Big Cheese of all Big Cheeses.

It will support the Union,
the crisis can't demolish it, after all,
we will also welcome Hillary,
she will spend her dollary [dollars].

So eat the food,
you are skinny.
You'll have a dumpling
and you'll be ours.

So welcome, Barack,
welcome to us, welcome to us,
to our European barák [house].
A namesake of mine has created a 3D model of Obama, too. And one of the three cute newborn leopards in the Dvůr Králové Zoo was named Barack. So everything is ready.

To restore some arrow of time in this article, check Obama's jogging back to Air Force One that flies to Turkey.

Saturday - Summers

Meanwhile, the U.S. media and blogs are playing a hysterical, populist game against Larry Summers who has recently (in one year) received USD 5.2 million in compensations from D.E.Shaw plus $2.7 million speaking fees. Would they ever consider the possibility that unlike Al Gore, he deserved it?

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