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Claude Allègre may become French minister

La Depeche (autom. translation to English)
The name of Claude Jean Allègre is returning regularly in the discussions about the new minister of environment in the reshuffled French government led by Fillon. He would become either the minister of the environment or the minister for research.

See also Google News (French). By the way, if your browser doesn't have a button to instantly translate foreign web pages to English, drag-and-move this blue "English" button among your bookmarks (preferably in the toolbar).

These rumors are fascinating because Claude Allègre, an achieved geochemist, is an outspoken newborn global warming skeptic: see Lawrence Solomon's story and Allègre's article, The Snows of Kilimanjaro.

Via Marc Morano's Climate Depot, the website of the new superpower that will defeat climate alarmism on this planet ;-)

Catlin Ice Survey shows that global warming predictions were wrong

Pen Hadow et al. went to the Arctic to measure ice. Most of their scientific gadgets froze and broke down - but they're still doing manual drilling.

One of the predictions by the people who believe that there is a global warming worth talking about that the explorers were expected to confirm was the proposition, widely published in the media, there would be no first-year ice on the place of their current location (relatively close to the North Pole) in the middle of April 2009. That's roughly because such ice would have been created last Fall which was "warm" in the Arctic and ice can't be created in such conditions, those people's (sloppy) reasoning goes. So Pen Hadow et al. "didn't expect first-year ice".

In reality, they found something else: there is first-year ice, after all. The scaremongers also think that thick ice can't be created within a few months, so various melting changes are permanent.

Well, this new ice is actually 1.77 meters thick in average which is, technically, very thick first-year ice. You may remember lots of articles being released almost every day during the last half a year or so that despite the sea ice area's being above the normal, the "volume" is surely smaller because the ice area is composed out of first-year ice which "must" be thin: see, for example, Ocean Conserve from April 6th, 2009 (also in The Guardian). Believe Hadow or not, it's not thin and all the newspaper articles were bunk.

In other words, ice comes and goes all the time - lots of it and very quickly - get used to it, chaps with as overheated brains as Sprite is frozen. The main threat for Pen Hadow et al. is no longer the harsh weather (or antiseptic creams pretending to be toothpastes) but the possible decision of their orthodox base that by releasing the inconvenient truths from the Arctic, the explorers have become heretics who no longer deserve an airplane. ;-)

Via Anthony Watts.

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