Monday, April 13, 2009

Stolen Kosovo: a TV documentary

Video 1: Ten parts of the documentary, including English subtitles.

This one-hour Czech TV documentary shows a lot of touching details about the violence against the Serbs and their culture in their historical province of Kosovo and Metohija (Kosmet) - by the Nazis, communists, and the Albanian terrorists silently tolerated (and sometimes openly supported) by some NATO members.

It's a very sad story and how can someone side with the KLA against the Serbs is just beyond me.

Meanwhile, Serbia is getting ready to send the 300-page complaint against the declared independence of the province to the International Court of Justice. Also, BBC has just revealed the horrors of KLA prison camps.

Armed gangs and organized criminals flee to Kosovo every day, for example the bank robbers today, because they know that Kosovo is now officially governed by their colleagues so they're pretty safe over there.

At the same moment, the five-day-old protests to oust the president of Georgia intensify. The protesters are dissatisfied with his record on democracy and the disastrously ill-conceived war against Russia.

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