Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Vegas Renormalization

Episode 2x21 of The Big Bang Theory:
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Abstract: the hormonal system of the loop quantum gravity bitch, Leslie Winkle, collapses again - so she dumps poor Howard. ;-)

Las Vegas is the chosen place for him to get rid of the divergent and other loops and to get renormalized. Meanwhile, Sheldon's nearly realistic dreams about solitude are destroyed by a missing key: Penny's horny dreams get more realistic instead. :-)

Click to zoom in. See the previous speedometer anniversary.

While Penny has to undergo an annoying interrogation about sex and emotions by Sheldon, Leonard and Rajesh buy a Jewish girlfriend experience for Howard. :-) Howard is able to determine that she is a prostitute - and he thanks his friends. Sheldon receives Penny's bed for a night, without her, but with her brand new singing of Soft Kitty.

I am often afraid that the producers have overshot Sheldon's asexuality, bringing it to irreversible dimensions. But once again, everything is possible on TV screens.

Czech dubbing

I have just watched the episode 1x04 in Czech dubbing, as created for Czech Prima Cool TV. It was the first episode that I enjoyed more in Czech than I did in the original version. Sheldon's Czech finally became formally perfect and many other "details" have been fine-tuned, too. Good that I didn't abandon their work prematurely.

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