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Eggs for Paroubek in every town

The Czech socialist leader Mr Jiří Paroubek has been doing very bad things for quite some time. The removal of the Czech government in the middle of our EU presidency was one of the latest mean tricks by this rotter.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Some people in smaller Czech towns began to pelt him with eggs. But you know, these small towns are small and not necessarily too anti-socialist. You may guess what happens if this new popular public game arrives to Prague which is both large and a right-wing stronghold.

Well, you can see how the socialists attempted to have a rally in Prague. ;-)

The socialist Big Cheeses were hit by hundreds of eggs and they mostly deserve it. See

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The Huffington Post (readers have a lot of fun with their comrades' problems)
Mr Topolánek, the Civic Democratic leader, said that his party had nothing to do with the attacks. And he is almost certainly right (even though he must be enjoying the events at home, just like everyone does haha!). This new form of entertainment is mostly driven by young people who are not affiliated with any party.

Many of them are not too interested in politics - they may be doing similar things as they do in the pub or as ice-hockey fans. And a few of the young people are still upset because Paroubek broke up a techno music festival four years ago. And for most of them, Paroubek simply looks disgusting and sleazy, especially in combination with his new young wife and his dictatorial kind of speech.

President Klaus has denounced the egg attacks as attacks against democracy. And such attacks can be dangerous for democracy, indeed, especially if there is a risk that the eggs may become stones tomorrow. But there are other dangerous things, too, and creeping, behind-the-scenes negotiations meant to reinstall Paroubek are examples.

There exist certain reasonably balanced laws in our country and the police seems to be able to enforce them right now. For example, such exercises with the eggs are classified as an offence that can be punished by a fine around USD 50 or so. Such a punishment looks appropriate, sensible, and many people have already paid it. Police pays a lot of attention to these eventst.

It is very clear that if the situation were getting uncontrollable and if it threatened the health or even life of some people, the laws would have to be enforced more vigorously or they would have to be modified.

A new Facebook group, Eggs for Paroubek in every town (cache), has already attracted 50,000+ members. My feeling is that these mostly young people are actually decent. They carefully think about the consequences and don't want to hurt anyone. Some of them are even thinking what their activity will do with the results of the elections. The founder of the group and an early egg-thrower, Mr Matěj Forst, is planning to stop the group because in his opinion, the activity has gotten too dangerous.

(The elections to the European Parliament on June 5-6th are widely viewed to be just a minor training for the real, national parliamentary elections in Fall 2009.)

Many of the people who participate in these events are kids who have only lived in democracy. Such kids may have many oversimplified opinions about the previous regime. Some of them think that communism is the same thing as democracy, others are led by their parents and others to realize that it was a sad and humiliating period and that the socialists want something similar to return.

The latter group who is closer to the truth is also unfortunately more likely to throw eggs at the socialist leaders, especially when this activity became pretty popular. I wish - and believe - that this activity won't become truly violent. If these hopes are true, then the egg attacks are a positive development that may prevent the socialists from repeating their outrageous left-wing populist lies that in their dumb and hateful speeches, they speak on behalf of all the people.

They certainly don't speak on my behalf, or the behalf of the 50,000+ members of the Facebook group, or the behalf of a majority of the citizens of Prague, for that matter. They only speak on behalf of the supporters of the social democratic party and the latter group doesn't have too many things to be proud about.

And that's the memo.

Bonus: flash game

You may play an egg-throwing Flash game at

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