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Feminist cutting edge science: demand for female flesh

Science is often discussed on this blog. For the sake of balance, let us look at some social sciences and humanities. One of the hottest disciplines are women's studies. What are these people are up?

Let's follow one of the most ingenious scholars pursuing this breathtaking new kind of science, Prof Shira Tarrant, who has asked the most mysterious question that baffles all experts in her cutting-edge science:

So why are so many men paying women to take off their clothes? (Click...)
It's a true enigma. And the question must be even deeper if you're one of America's leading gender experts - who would never use those obsolete, male, chauvinist methods to answer questions, such as asking someone else or even thinking. ;-)

Dr Tarrant has written a new book, Men and Feminism. If you wonder, the men on the cover are three feminists. The book explains that the idea that men are visual creatures who are hardwired to get aroused is not thoughtful but rather pseudo-scientific in character. For example, this flawed hypothesis doesn't explain why women don't get erection. Instead, the observation that the stripping industry exists proves a crisis of masculinity.

According to Dr Tarrant, the only way for men to terminate the crisis is to stop watching nude women and listen to the lectures by Rafael Casal instead. This one is a very deep lecture. This male feminist and Tarrant's intellectual peer who was scientifically determined to be smokin' hot could become a president of a university, too (right after his or her castration).

Her ideas are so profound that if you're a man and you're at least a little bit promising, female, and therefore homosexual, you must inevitably develop a demand for the female brain flesh of this 21st century genius. Fortunately, glimpses of her stunning intellect are slowly beginning to penetrate an inferior discipline called physics, too.

The April APS meeting (source: "Day at APS April Meeting") that took place in May (an enlightened gathering inspired by the October Revolution in November 1917?) has invited scholars who were talking both about women in science and about the violations of Lorentz symmetry (thanks, Gordon). The disciples of Prof Shira Tarrant lived in Sheraton Downtown Denver, in order to match their intellectual importance with some appropriate accommodation.

The Lorentz symmetry is another example of discrimination; after all, it was developed by male chauvinists. Much like other prejudices, it has to be broken. The women who break it must be liberated and all the male weapons such as observations, logical arguments, and equations must be defeated. The Lorentz-breaking women must take over the physics departments.

The exceptional Theory of Strip Tease and the Eternal Crisis of Masculinity should be studied all over the world. For example, in Austria, there are already about 12 universities that study similar profound issues. You can't be surprised that because of this paramount research, Austria simply doesn't have enough money for dinosaur sciences such as particle physics.

And that's the memo.

(Image removed)

How do I get to the other side of the river, Prof Tarrant? - But you already are on the opposite side, Prof Hopkins!

Finally, my recommendation to Prof Tarrant is simple: strip, strip, strip. Regardless of your visual imperfections, you are far more likely to impress someone visually than by your writing.

Hat tip: a New Mexican pig (without swine flu)

Bonus: Miss California

By the way, when I talk about these issues, it is natural to mention the obstacles faced by Miss California, Carrie Prejean. She answered - very peacefully and wisely - a question about same-sex marriage. She answered that everyone can approach the issue in the way she or he likes but she was educated and she believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman. See also Sean Hannity or Liberty University (+stage) interviewing her.

Homosexual activists such as Perez Hilton and ugly hypocrites plan to dethrone her on Monday; without the question, she would have won the Miss USA content, too. I am not sure whether the critics actually believe that their dirty political coups - inspired by her polite disagreement with their highly questionable preconceptions - will change the fact that she is the most beautiful one among the California girls. To strengthen their case, the loud homosexuals have revealed this innocent picture of her, claiming that it is incompatible with her beliefs and other things.

Oh, really? A shy picture in underwear and with breasts covered by hands is a huge sin. But one man inserting something into something of another man is such a great thing that the government should subsidize it and any doubts about these subsidies should be severely punished. Believe me or not, the innocent picture of Miss California is just a lame tool to achieve something completely different: a sensible analysis of the thought police's true goals has appeared at The Huffington Post (yes, incredible!). After all, no one has criticized Miss PC Rhode Island Alysha for analogous pictures - but taken from the front side ;-).

To see some contrast, watch Olbermann and another communist sh*thead who speculate about Carrie's amputated penis. It's just amazing what kind of nasty human sh*t MSNBC is ready to hire as journalists. Musto has also compared her to Klaus Barbie who was not a hybrid of the Czech president and a doll but rather a Gestapo official responsible for 4,000 deaths. MSNBC is porn.

In the Rock Church, Prejean argued that 95% of the audience were gays (what are they watching at over there?) and they attacked her family. ;-)

California also seems eager to terminate the freedom of speech if this speech causes "emotional distress". I kind of guess that emotional distress of Miss California is OK with them. You have quite a mess in your state, dear Terminator.


Sadly, a committee led by Keith Lewis and Shanna Moakler (left) who is, ehm, a lady who is well-known from Meet The Barkers reality show (a true moral leader, right?), decided on Monday to recommend Donald Trump to dethrone Ms Prejean on Monday. He will decide on Tuesday.

Update: Thank God, Trump trumped the Devil's temptation and preserved her crown. On the other hand, Moakler resigned. Thank God.

Tami Farrell, a young opportunist who has previously declared her desire to benefit from whatever injustice against the true Miss California, was named the new Miss California USA Ambassador. The Reference Frame disregards this decision.

The decision is clearly no problem for Miss California USA who believes in God who will burn biomass like Ms Moakler in the Hell - and who has already earned a pretty good career, anyway. ;-) It may be a bigger problem for many other victims of the far-left movement, especially for those who are not as pretty and who don't really believe in God who does the job of punishing the aggressive homosexual activists for us.

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