Friday, May 08, 2009

Gigapixels from Obama inauguration: a contest

A seemingly simple task is ready for you: find this guy on the following photograph from the Obama inauguration:
A photograph (click)
To simplify ;-) your life, the picture can be zoomed in. The problem is not infinitely hard: only slighly over 1 million people attended the event. With a good logical analysis of the angles and lightning, you have a chance to find him after some time!

Obviously, I wrote this comment because a similar dictum - think, think, think, and try to use all the information you have - should apply to the research of the stringy landscape, too.

Once you find the Gentleman, write a fast comment describing the gadget that the woman on his left side - i.e. the right side on the picture - was using. If someone had already solved this problem before you, move your eyes further to the right and slightly up (to the Northeast) and identify the intense color of a fur hat of another woman over there.

If you care, this photograph was prepared with a 1,474 megapixel camera and believe me, the comma is not a decimal point. ;-)

Hat tip: CIA (well, not really: the picture was created by an amateur)


  1. Intriguing challenge, good sir. The woman immediately to his left in question (who appears to be wearing a brown hat, and perhaps a green scarf? I'm having a hard time determining it's color) is wielding what seems to be a small pair of binoculars. Though admittedly, even that massive image is getting a little blurred at that extreme zoom level.

  2. A pair of small binoculars held up to her eyes.

  3. Anyone notice the lady four to the right and back one has only 1/2 a head?

  4. The lady is using a pair of binoculars and the other woman's fur hat is an incredibly bright orange.