Thursday, May 14, 2009

Google Empire was down

An hour ago, a significant fraction of the Internet, including your humble correspondent, couldn't see any Google services for an hour or so. They were either completely unavailable or slowed down by an unimaginable redshift factor. It sucked, indeed.

That included Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, Google Reader,, Google Analytics, and many others. Roughly 1/2 of the activities on the web were impossible.

I am kind of interested about the logic and patterns. If you were affected, please write a comment about your location and, if you don't care, your Internet provider. If you were not affected, you can also write something, but it will be somewhat less valuable.

My location was in Pilsen, České radiokomunikace.

Update: AT&T was the culprit. And maybe a traffic jam in Asia. Try Just Ping to see that most packets are still being lost in major cities. Compare Google with a relatively well-behaved server, e.g., that only sees 10% of packets lost in 3 cities.

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