Monday, May 25, 2009

Is Pipi Quinlan into technology?

Pipi Quinlan (3) learned how to use a PC two weeks ago or so. One week later, she managed to win an auction at TradeMe (NZ).

This Kobelco digger or a similar digger became hers for NZD 20,000 and it could replace the insufficient model above.
Google News
Would you be able to win the auction and order the vehicle? What about your parents? :-)

Larry Summers would have surely bought the digger for his daughter, just like the trucks, and another one for her sister if applicable. They could play the game "daddy digger carries the baby digger". ;-)

However, Pipi's mother, Sarah Quinlan, not only decided to cancel the successful transaction but she even banned her prodigy trader and technologist daughter from trading online! What a shame. ;-) To make things worse, Ms Sarah claims that her daughter is kind of a "girly girl".

By the way, Microsoft is likely to rename "Kumo" to "Bing". That sounds much better, especially because "bing" can be used as an assertive verb. Instead of "to Google something", you may simply "bing it". Microsoft has to resolve a minor trademark issue with Bing Mobile Inc. A way to do so is to buy the trademark, perhaps together with all the employees, families, and their houses and cars. ;-)

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