Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Monopolar Expedition

Off-topic: thank God, Donald Trump decided that Miss California keeps her crown

Episode 2x23 of The Big Bang Theory, the last episode of the second season:
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Sheldon won an NSF grant so all the boys are going to the (Magnetic) North Pole, in order to detect magnetic monopoles in a way that will confirm string theory.

Environmentalists Pen Hadow et al., or the Catlin Arctic Survey, tried to do the same thing (with the high-energy segment replaced by reading a thermometer and pendrilling ice). However, after moving by less than one half of the desired distance, they will give up this week. 97% of TRF readers correctly guessed that the team wouldn't reach the pole.

We will see whether they're lucky enough for the surrender to be safe (23% of readers expect so): it's been weeks after the previous "deadline", the latest day when pilots think it's safe to land in the Arctic, and the summer melt is getting started.

Their green brothers in faith were lucky when their carbon-neutral yacht was saved by an oil tanker five days ago. The people concerned by the fossil fuels were extremely relieved just to be alive, surrounded by 0.68 million barrels of oil. ;-)

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