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NASA: Bolden, Garver

Barack Obama has chosen former astronaut Charles Bolden as the next NASA chief. He's a black general who has logged 6,000 hours of flight. Here's his inspirational description of space from the space shuttle - and why you should urinate 2 liters to get comfortable with "g=0".

I don't quite understand how this charismatic Gentleman and BSc in electrical science will make qualified decisions about the future projects of NASA, including the scientific ones and their technical and strategic aspects.

These comments are even more obviously true for Lori Garver, the proposed future deputy administrator who is MA in public policy and BA in political science and economics. I think that average female political lobbyists of her kind should only be employed as custodians in NASA.

They simply don't look like sensible leaders of a large team of rocket scientists to me. One obvious observation is that the leaders' IQ, around 100, will be 40+ points below that of the top-tier technical experts in the agency. The future of NASA seems uncertain - and I also have a suspicion that this feeling is deliberately planned to become a reality.

Thumbs down, Barack.

After 120 days, the new president is beginning to face the real world. For example, during his campaign, he has parroted lots of idiotic left-wing propaganda about the nice Guantanamo Bay detainees' being unfairly treated by the evil Republicans. Now, he is forced to see what sensible people have always known: that the Republicans are nice while the detainees are nasty thugs who should stay in Gitmo because no one else in the world wants to accommodate them.

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