Friday, May 01, 2009

The real danger of global warming

Czech President Václav Klaus wrote an article for the Guardian (U.K.):
Green hysteria shackles our economic growth
The discussion beneath the article has over 200 comments. See also The Montreal Gazette, Today's Zaman (Turkey), Gulf Times (in Qatar), The Guatemala Times, The Rwanda New Times, and Burma Digest. ;-) Well, they belong to Project Syndicate.

The text also appears in Shanghai Daily where Wan Lixin adds that sustainable energy is just placebo but I am afraid that the title is the last sentence that President Klaus would agree with in this article. ;-)

Václav Klaus explains why the energy use and economic activity are so tightly linked - and why the recently fashionable attempts to "cap" carbon dioxide are a recipe for a speedy economic downturn.

A Nobel-winning "alternative economics" colleague of Prof Klaus wrote a very different article about the same topic in The New York Times today. The word "salvation" in his title is quite symptomatic. I am not sure whether an editor wanted to caricature Krugman as a deluded quasi-religious bigot or whether the whole newspaper was actually serious when they picked this colorful title.

Hat tip: Barry Hearn (JunkScience)

By the way, on Monday, Klaus will chair the EU delegation at the EU-Japan summit at the Prague Castle. That should be followed by the same role in the EU-Korea and EU-Russia summit later in May 2009. At the end of May, Klaus will be received by the Pope.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit thinks that Klaus thinks that he is a Czech king who is free to do what he wants. Indeed, the Czechs - including Klaus - regained their freedom in 1989 (haven't you heard about the Velvet Revolution, Danny the Red?) and the job of the Czechoslovak and Czech president has always been a continuation of the Czech kings. Starting with Masaryk, it has always played a very similar role.

On the other hand, Cohn-Bendit himself thinks that he is a member of the central committee of the party, one of those apparatchiks who have won the revolution and who can now control the whole Union and tell everyone what is right and what is not. More seriously, what Cohn-Bendit thinks is also true in the EU these days. ;-/

The Czech Senate is going to vote about the fate of the Lisbon Treaty on Wednesday or Thursday. The result is completely uncertain.

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