Saturday, May 09, 2009

World War II ended 64 years ago

At least in Europe...

The best days of Angela Merkel's most famous predecessor were over 64 years ago. Prague was the city where the Germans managed to continue one day after the official surrender, until May 9th.

0:00 Liberation of Prague (title)

0:15 Citizens of Prague, Prague must not become the last fortress of the German defense. It cannot be handed over to depredation and destruction. Prepare an uprising in arms.

0:38 Give up! The German army has surrendered. [In German:] Kapitulation! [The German guy complains and probably wants someone with a uniform.]

0:50 OK, here is the uniform for you, idiot. [The German guy gives an order.]

1:08 [In German:] What is it?

1:40 We're calling the Czech police. Come to the radio building. People are shooting here.

1:52 We're calling the Czech police, Czech gendarmery, the government troops to come to the Czech radio at the Foch Avenue, Vinohrady.

2:25 Everyone to the Czech radio! Czechs are being shot here.

2:30 From Benešov, German tanks are driving towards Prague. We urge the population to build sufficient barricades on the Benešov-Prague highway.

2:40 [Title:] Prague, May 7th, 1945

2:43 We urge all Czech men in arms from the regions around Kladno, Beroun, ... We're calling the Czech partisans from the Brdy Hills, ... to come to help Prague. We ask all the citizens of Central Bohemia to prevent the Germans from getting to Prague. Long live peace and freedom!

3:37 Stan! - It's your brother, isn't it?

4:24 [In German: What is it?]

4:33 May 9th, 1945, Wednesday, 3 o'clock [title]

4:51 German tanks are coming here from Ruzyně. - Get ready. On the barricade. - Guys, grenades!

5:20 But these are ... Oh, boys. These are the Soviets!

5:34 The Red Army! Is here! It's peace! - Hooray!

6:34 [In Russian:] I see some tanks. - I see them, too. - Fire on the tanks!

7:22 [In Russian:] Well, brothers. That's the end! - [Russian music and dances.]

8:30 Good evening, Božena. - Dad [hubbie]... [Crying.]

9:06 Charlie! - Mom! - How did you get here? - With partisans.

9:15 You will tell us everything once Stan returns home. He hasn't returned yet. - Stan has returned, mom... As a hero.

9:38 The Red Army has accelerated and completed the liberation of Czechoslovakia from the yoke of Nazi occupation. It prevented the Nazis from extending the war. The Prague Offensive was one of the most majestic operations in the whole war.

9:49 Titles: the two-part movie by Otakar Vávra, The Liberation of Prague, portrays the events from the Munich Betrayal, to the Czech and Slovak resistance, the heroic struggle of the Czechoslovak and Soviet armies against Nazism to the liberation of Czechoslovakia, especially the days of May 1945.

10:04 Script: Fábera, shooting: Barla, music: Liška, director: Vávra, Czechoslovakia 1976
The 1976 Czechoslovak movie, directed by Mr Otakar Vávra, shows the May 1945 uprising of the Czech nation - that followed 6 years when our nation was loyal to the Reich - and the happy liberation of Prague by the Red Army on May 9th, 1945.

It wasn't that difficult to shoot the movie in 1976 because Prague hasn't made much progress between 1945 and 1976. ;-) Meanwhile, the anniversary was a good opportunity for Russia to show its military strength in a parade.

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