Tuesday, June 23, 2009

James Hansen becomes a criminal

As expected, James Hansen and his intellectual peer, actress Daryl Hannah, were arrested in West Virginia:
Climate Scientist James Hansen Arrested in Mountaintop Removal Protest
An ordinary mortal human being might face significant problems but these particular habitual offenders are being protected by a whole movement of hard-left eco-terrorists so they are likely to get away with it and allowed to continue their work on the removal of the rule of law and other basic principles of capitalism.

Next time, if the police turns out to be insufficient as a tool to guarantee the ownership rights, the landlords may want to consider guns to protect their property against the trespassers.

By their desire to violate the laws whenever it is convenient, these radical activists make it very clear that they want to overthrow the very basic legal principles of the existing world and dramatically transform the procedures by which it works. They're not isolated hacks: incredibly enough, James Hansen continues to be employed by NASA and he has many allies in important chairs who are ready to implicitly endorse his criminal activity.

How far has the transformation of the system of justice gone? Is the new justice already in place, like it was after the Night of Broken Glass? The arrest in West Virginia suggests that it's not as bad yet. But will the police patiently arrest all similar trespassers in the future, despite the hints that such work is futile? Or are the owners of coal power plants and their assets going to become "legitimate" targets of pogroms?

We'll see. Coal industry supporters are here, too. In West Virginia, they encouraged cars to honk in support of coal.

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