Thursday, June 04, 2009

RSS MSU: 0.11 °C month-on-month cooling

RSS MSU have released their May 2009 data. The global temperature anomaly has dropped from 0.202 °C in April to 0.09 °C in May. This cooling trend, if (unreasonably) extrapolated to one century, gives 134.4 °C of cooling per century. ;-)

So the world was just less than tenth a degree warmer than the "normal".

This rapid cooling is somewhat unlikely to continue in the coming months because the ENSO index is approaching the El Nino threshold while the solar activity (SC24) starts to show signs of a revival.

The May 2009 RSS MSU temperature anomaly for the mid troposphere was actually negative, -0.028 °C, for the first time in this year (but it was negative in 8 months of 2008).

By the way, if you wonder what has brought down Air France 447, it was apparently global warming - no kidding.

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