Friday, June 26, 2009

WSJ on swelling climate skepticism

These days, there are relatively many articles that are not afraid to point out facts that disagree with what was once called the "consensus". But I think that Kimberley Strassel did a very good job in her
The Climate Change Climate Change (click)
and summarized a lot of reasons and symptoms underlying the recent increase of climate skepticism across the world. Recommended for a big picture concerning the sociology of the debate.
The Goode Family 1x04 (3 parts)
... they have to hire a (white) gardener ...
... all episodes ...
All 40 comments below her article seem to be nice and skeptical, so I apologize to her in advance if the first nasty and alarmist comments will be written by readers who were sent over there from The Reference Frame. ;-)

If you want a longer and more complex reading, see the recent 98-page skeptical document prepared by the National Center for Environmental Economics for EPA. It summarizes a lot of "skeptical" findings from recent years and urges EPA to begin to behave scientifically again. (Hat tip: Gavin Schmidt.)

C-SPAN: Live: the U.S. Congress discusses and prepares to vote on the insane climate bill. The test vote has narrowly passed. These proceedings are a complete joke.

At 4:06 pm D.C. Daylight Saving Time, it turned out that no one owns those 300 extra pages of the bill that they are voting about - and maybe already approved. ;-) After Joe Barton asked, a female Democratic Big Cheese explained that she was not aware of any rules that the bill voted about must actually exist on the paper. :-)

Hundreds of Democrats don't even need to see the document: they're ready to raise their hand in favor of any method to throw trillions into the toilet. What a banana republic the U.S. are becoming.

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