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Eurosocialist healthcare system in the U.S.

Here is a simplified scheme of the new proposal of the Democrat Party:

Please accept apologies if the simplified scheme eats 100% of your CPU capacity: it is a very small sacrifice for the rosy Democrat future of America. ;-)

A slightly more complete map of the Democrat health plan was explained by the G.O.P. (PDF, click).

America, welcome to the EU. :-)

Barack Obama has already created many czars but about 599,965 additional czars will have to be named for the promised 600,000 new green jobs to emerge. The result will be the opposite than it was in Russia of 1917. Despite the Great Socialist Revolution, America will actually become a tsarskoye samoderzhaviye.

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reader genetic said...

very nice. there is a simple solution for this "crisis". maybe it takes a physicist to make things seem simpler (i have a BS, i'm sure you have much more schooling than i). i have what i think is a common sense solution here:

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