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Skip Gates: Disorderly conduct

Imagine that you're a good cop - or one whose name is Sgt James Crowley - and Lucia Whalen (40), a Harvard employee, quickly calls you with her cell phone to see the individual from the picture, breaking into an apartment (with the help of a black yellow cab driver) and making terrible noise. What will you do? Well, I think that it will be roughly described by this

police report.
Unfortunately, the loud Gentleman will also refuse to show his ID. He will also threaten you by emphasizing that he is not a guy to be messed up with. Will you be scared? Well, I think you shouldn't.

As the screaming continues, the street is shocked, and you continue to perform the tasks that you are expected to perform as a cop, you are told that you will be labeled racist. Will you escape as a coward?

Of course, if you have been a good cop, you must have arrested the guy by now, too. I must tell you what you actually did now - and what actually happened on Thursday. The guy whom you arrested was Skip Gates, the boss of the Department of Professional Blacks at Harvard University, and he was breaking into his own apartment because the he locked himself out - and because the lock doesn't really work so it could be opened by violence.

Mr Gates must have realized that his behavior had to look suspicious to the people on the street and his loud anxiety had to be unpleasant to his neighbors. He should have explained the cop that it was his apartment. And he should have avoided the threats.

Mr Gates is the very boss of the department that symbolizes the reverse racism that has taken over Harvard and many other places years ago. He no longer realizes that the laws that hold for others must hold for himself, too. He has probably never thought that the cops should evaluate the incidents blindly, without knowing "who is the guy not to be messed up with".

I've had a lot of similar experiences with Lorand Matory, a disgraceful jerk from the very same department, in the past. These people got used to their power and they began to bully others just like the Nazis did in the 1930s.

See Google News.

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