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Australian Senate rejects carbon regulation

What a nice opportunity for a glass of beer.

Today, Australia's Senate rejected Kevin Rudd's plans to copy the European fraudulent carbon indulgences industry to his continent.

NYT, Bloomberg (click for more information)
The plan only wanted to reduce the CO2 production by 5-15 percent within a decade but it has failed, anyway: the senators voted 42 to 30 against the bill. Rudd has to revise the bill or trigger early elections in a few months.

Antarctica and Australia, two driest continents (in this order), are unlikely to revive this dead horse in any foreseeable future. It is probable that Asia, Africa, and South America will adopt a similar position. We're working hard for Europe and North America to behave sensibly, too.

The Labor Party has been so serious about this crap that they have even created a minister of climate change. In order to show their arrogance of power - and their ability to place an arbitrarily incompetent bureaucrat to control the citizens - they have made the new ministry really dumb and politicized, according to their best standards.

The minister is Penny Wong, a scientifically uneducated zealously Christian woman who studied arts. Wong is also the minister of "water" and indeed, she has acted like Saddam Hussein in her quest to destroy Australia's wetlands.

Today, she told the senators:
We may lose this fight, but this issue will not go away. Australia cannot afford for climate change to be unfinished business.
Quite on the contrary, Ms Wong. This issue is already going away and freeloaders and crackpots like you will be gradually removed from the chairs that you have temporarily occupied.

You're maximally w(r)ong about the second statement, too. Climate change is always an unfinished business - it has always continued and it will always continue - and Australia cannot afford to disagree with this law of Nature.

However, it may afford and it should afford to live without the likes of you. There are no doubts that Penny Wong and thousands of other careerist pigs will continue to push similar garbage through all conceivable institutions which is their only way to save their feed-trough which is the only thing they care about. But it is our task to make sure that these pigs will lose.

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snail feedback (2) :

reader usjobcareer said...

Yes, that country decision is correct Thank you,

reader Unknown said...

hi Lubos,

another good article.

But you left out one amusing bit of this story. In a demonstration that their political acumen matches their science, some Greens voted against this bill too.


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