Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yacht Fiona hopelessly trapped in ice

On this blog, we've had a lot of fun with Arnesen+Bancroft, Lewis Pugh, as well as Pen Hadow and company. All these teams were trapped in the brutal conditions of the Arctic while they were trying to prove that the Arctic has become balmy because of global warming.

Ladies and Gentlemen, they have a new friend. Yacht Fiona is participating in the Green Ocean Race, teaching a generation or two how to live without fossil fuels.

They report that they got "hopelessly trapped by the ice" two days ago. Despite a "favorable" ice report, they encountered 8/10ths of ice, with many old i.e. large bergs. They are not in immediate danger because the Canadian Coast Guard is sending them an icebreaker. Well, they're surely not the first carbon-neutral yacht gratefully saved at least by an oil tanker. ;-) Here is the small appendix of the energy-efficient yacht - a true chickabiddy:

Why don't they ask the U.S. government to break the ice by exploding an H-bomb? That would surely be a small price for the chance to save a few liters of gasoline! ;-)

Meanwhile, Al Gore is rowing his own boat. Well, sorry, I meant this houseboat. The Biosolar One was designed specifically for Gore for his biosolar gobbledygook and the carbon indulgences and it probably eats more energy than your apartment building.

Hat tip: Anthony Watts

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  1. Anybody who has done any ocean racing knows that you need to start the engine regularly (in neutral gear)to charge your generators.

    Fiona looks like a heavy old fashioned yacht and would use a good deal of fossil fuel in this process.

    So the premise of the Green Ocean Race is false.