Sunday, September 27, 2009

First Czecho-Slovak Superstar

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After a couple of Czech (CZ) Pop Idols and Slovak (SK) Pop Idols and one year with the Czech X-Factor, the Czech and Slovak contests were wisely unified.

This guy has only been training the song for 1 hour - during the reduction from 118 to 90. In my opinion, Martin Chodúr's edition of "Supreme" was more convincing, testosterone-loaded than the original version of Robbie Williams.

The moderators are Mr Leoš Mareš (CZ) and Ms Adéla Banášová (SK) and they're doing a superb job. I used to dislike Mareš because he seemed excessively pompous concerning his extraordinarily high income etc - but these negative emotions of mine are gone by now. There are two Czech and two Slovak judges - with all four sex/nation combinations: Mr Palo Habera (SK, younger), Mr Ondřej Hejma (CZ, older), Ms Dara Rollins (SK, blonde), Ms Marta Jandová (CZ, brunette).

Before the contest, I didn't know Jandová at all. She a cute daughter of Mr Petr Janda, a famous rock musician, who is herself a key member of a successful German band, "Die Happy". That's why she might have been more well-known in Germany than Czechia: but the Superstar contest will surely change that.

First, the judges had to eliminate most of the 11,000+ contestants. You may imagine all the hopeless candidates and all those pretty cruel comments by the judges (not only about their singing but about their physique, psychology, and other things, too).

One simply has to feel compassionate because the verdicts are often tough. At the same moment, it's good that the judges can say what they feel. It's good that Marta Jandová can show how intensely the hormones operate in her mind and/or body. :-) Their occasionally obscene language was loud enough for The Wall Street Journal to take notice. :-) Sometimes, it's hard to believe that some of the contestants with no chance believe that they could be okayed. But many of them actually do. It's crazy.

Those 11,000+ people (from four castings in Prague, Brno [CZ] and Bratislava, Košice [SK]) were reduced to 118, and then to 90 and 40. Only once the number was reduced to 90 (when 99+ percent of the people were gone), one could see that most of the surviving group had at least some chance...

Tomorrow, 24 of them will survive the final filtering round by the judges and make it to the "semifinals" where the Czecho-Slovak TV viewers start to matter. Some of the methods to send the people home have been really cruel. For example, the middle group of 30 or so - when 90 was lowered to 40 tonight - had to sing a well-known Czech rock song and the judges were walking in between them like the death. Whoever was touched by any judge was gone. ;-)

At the same moment, I am kind of jealous that meritocracy matters in music. If there were a similar "TV contest" in physics or any other mass media, the judges would inevitably be pretty much idiots and the hopeless cases and surfer dudes would be those who would survive. ;-) The difference between the disciplines is that the majority of the public has at least some sense of music - so everyone knows that the judges own just a slightly "more refined" version of the people's own taste. But virtually no one understands anything about theoretical physics.

The video embedded at the beginning of this text shows a contestant, Mr Martin Chodúr (Ostrava, CZ), performing a song that he could have only be training for one hour. Surprisingly, he ended in the average group of 30 (inside those 90 people) but I hope that they haven't killed him yet. Many Slovak girls participating in the contest are very attractive, very good musicians, and both.

Now, when the generic "would-be musical candidates" (whose bad performance was either terrifying or hysterically funny or both) have been sent home, the program may become interesting from a musical viewpoint. The winner will get EUR 100,000 so it must be pretty interesting for them, even from a financial viewpoint.

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