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On Thursday, at 8/7 Central, ABC is gonna broadcast FlashForward by Robert Sawyer.

The series will begin at the LHC in CERN. The point of the series is to discuss the fate and the destiny. Everything will be about a strange event.

For "1/alpha" seconds, where "alpha" is the fine-structure constant, every human being will be able to perceive the following 6 months of their lives. ;-)

If you haven't been told yet: during those 137 seconds on April 29th, 2010, after 10 p.m., the consciousness of all the people will be turned off and all the memory of the past will be replaced by the memory of the future, as some bloggers with Cosmic Variance think should be happening half of the time, anyway. :-)

I suppose that CERN will be responsible for this event. Note that Mr Sawyer is more imaginative than the likes of the black hole alarmists when it comes to the secret dirty skills of the collider.

After the strange event takes place, won't the people be able to preserve their free will, act differently, and prove that the proposition of the series is logically inconsistent?

Or will the television that created "LOST" together with a crazy novelist be able to trump logic? :-) We will see. I guess that they will: they don't have a choice.

Hat tip: Symmetry Magazine

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snail feedback (2) :

reader Paul Levinson said...

You might enjoy this in-depth interview with author Robert J. Sawyer about FlashForward.

reader azjauthor said...

As has likely already been realized by anyone who watched the show, it doesn't take part at the CERN at all. The novel of the same name does indeed start at CERN, and the cause of the FlashForward event is clearly linked to the experiment from the beginning, but the cause in the series is completely unclear.

Also, the FlashForward doesn't show them the next 6 months of their life, but it shows them a single 2 minute 17 second glimpse of their life 6 months from now. Very different.

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