Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Israel: optimizing strike on Iran

David Petrla and some Pentagon sources cited in the media have convinced me that Israel is completing its plans to attack Iranian nuclear and military facilities. According to Dmitry Medvedev who is not a spokesman for Israel, Peres is telling the people that Israel has no such plans but Netanyahu clearly thinks different. ;-)

A typical Israeli soldier

Israel knows that Obamaland and many other Western or otherwise powerful countries suck as allies, that the mostly self-sufficient Iran doesn't really care about sanctions (especially not the homeopathic ones), and that the verbal attacks from Iran, combined with its accelerating nuclear efforts, represent a genuine existential threat for their very existence. Iran's freedom to manipulate with dangerous materials ends where the freedom - and life - of others begins. And I agree that they have already crossed the border.

Today, Iran announced that they are increasing their nuclear production by 400 percent because of a breakthrough. Also, they organized a parade, claiming that they're able to "cut the hands" of anyone who would attack them before the attack. However, they were not even able to prevent an airplane from crashing during the parade. ;-)

A week ago, Iran began to acquire some some new S-300 missiles from Russia. On the opposite side, the U.S. has just shipped anti-missile systems to Israel. So the military attack is on the table.

Mr Petrla believes that the strike could begin within 48 hours after the return of the Israeli representatives from New York. Although I still have some worries, I think it would be a kind of a good idea.

For Israel, it's a matter of defense. This opinion is shared by the U.S. vice-president Biden and a sufficient percentage of the Western politicians would silently adopt it and avoided direct hostilities against Israel.

That would still mean a victory for Israel. Of course, they must still be cautious about the reactions from Hamas, Hezbollah, and aggressive progressives. Ahmadinejad would be mostly unprepared because I believe that his "greatness" only refers to his mouth. But the mouth has been way too dangerous for Israel's existence recently, and it would be pedagogical for Israel to show that politicians' words should agree with the reality.

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