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TBBT & Sheldon Cooper: Xmas scene runs for Emmy

After having won the corresponding TCA award in August 2009, Jim Parsons (Dr Sheldon Cooper of The Big Bang Theory) has also been nominated for the "best actor in a comedy series" category of the Emmy awards. He's excellent, flawless, and - let me admit - in many ways better than the original. ;-)

This Christmas or Saturnalian scene (from 2x11, The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis) remains my most favorite one. It's just touching.

As an Emmy n00b, Parsons won't probably follow quite a straightforward path to his Emmy. And maybe he will. Kind of wisely, however, the scene above has been chosen as his bath item gift to the Emmy voters and as the trademark example of his unusual skills as an actor.

See Entertainment Weekly to check the selection. The Detroit News, The Salt Lake Tribune, The Tampa Tribune, The Fort Worth Star Telegram, San Jose Mercury News, Media Week, Oshkosh Northwestern, Watching TV, Roush at WSAV TV, The Celebrity Cafe, Orlando Sentinel, The TV Addict, iVillage, The San Francisco Chronicle, Newsday, DVR Playground (interview), The Globe and Mail, Sarasota Herald Tribune, California Chronicle, The Buffalo News, and - obviously - CBS News also root for Jim Parsons (who just married a vacuum cleaner in a sexually tolerant state of Vermont). Not to mention The Reference Frame and millions of viewers.

But there are five formidable competitors including Alec Baldwin. We will see on Sunday night (update: Baldwin won again). On Monday night, the third series will start with The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation.

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